Need a break for a few days?

Have you been working hard and now feel that your inner 'batteries' are low? Need time on your own? Wanna get wild in place where no one knows you? Then short weekend trip is good break-away from your 'every day'. Few days in different place and different atmosphere are perfect medicine. Quick ideas for finding and booking great weekend getaways:

  • Check airline websites for last minute specials: airline post flight and package deals every week to sell empty seats. Might get good prices on sales for certain periods or destinations.
  • Check websites of your favorite hotel or resort brands: hotels are offering special discounts on prices for weekend or two-three night stays. Maybe weekend deal in local hotel with SPA package is an option?
  • Take a look in airline / hotel loyalty program you belong: there might be a specials of the month/ summer/ fall/ Christmas with half off reward point offers.
  • Look for local events in your area: sometimes nice thigh can be found not far away- air balloon festivals, rock festival in town of 2h drive. Maybe it‘s worth to take a 1 hour flight to get to the opera performance?
  • Take a look in calendar – when are the national / public holidays for you this year? If holidays fall on Friday or Monday, it could be good time for a long weekend trip.
  • Ask friends what are they doing on weekend? - Don’t have to join them, but might get some ideas of perfect getaway.

... What was the name of the place you heard is good for shopping?

Would like to add some additional destination on your European Trip?

If you are planning trip to Europe with some longer stay in certain place, why not to add some additional sightseeing. For every region there are several cities were you can take a day trip - get out and be back the same night. Some trips can be for 2 or 3 days but these destinations are just a bus / train ride away. Check out rail map for possible getaway destinations in Europe.

Samples of cities, you can visit, traveling by land:

Brussels - a day trip to Antwerp is must. Train ticket costs for round trip costs 13 Euros, but sightseeing is breathtaking. From Brussels it takes around 2 hours by train to the London (€ 88 return ticket) and 3 hours to Amsterdam (one way - € 25)

Copenhagen - Swedish Malmo is just a half an hour away by train.

Helsinki - to Tallinn it is just 2 hours by ferry. From Helsinki you can get cruise to St.Petersburg (Russia). Lately there is option of visiting this russian city without visa for 48 hours.

Riga - there are overnight cruises to Stockholm.

Visiting Slovenia or Croatia - a day trip to Venice is a 'must'.

Barcelona - a day trip from sunshine and beaches to mountainous Andorra is different experience. Good place for shopping - electronics, jewelry and ski gear as well.

Munich - Salzburg is just 1 1/2 hour away by train.

Prague, Munich and Vienna seem to be not far away, but it’s about 5 - 6 hours by train (with one way fare around € 29 from city to city). For traveling that includes border-crossing Multiple Country Passes are needed. If your chosen getaway destination requires just domestic travel by train, better check out local sites like (Germany), (Belgium) or (Norway).

If some weekend travel destinations are just with few hours drive away, good option for traveling is just to rent a car. Explore European countries with Europcar – and visit famous German cities Munich, Hamburg or head on to Paris or London. There are many great offers starting from $42 a day. Due to Europcar operates a large network of international cities it has flexible cross boarder traveling policy and one-way options for returning car in different station.

Check out the offer – Rent 7 days, pay only 5 - Get 2 free days in France, the UK, Belgium and Germany!

Lately there are many low cost airlines operating in Europe. Good thing about air travel is that you can get from place to place fast (but need to add additional time for getting to/from airport). If you are staying in some major city in central part of Europe, then short flight around an hour can take you another country. Cheap airline tickets, good price for a four-star hotel are great temptations.
Check out the sites of Ryanair, Wizz Air, AirBaltic, Norwegian and many more European low cost airlines. If these carriers are serving airport convenient to you, with online check-in these trips take less time as you think. Sometimes, if they perform domestic flight and you don’t have a check in luggage, you can go directly to the gates with your e-ticket.
During my resent trip from Riga to Bergen connection and ticket price was better to get 2 separate flights and carriers (round trip Riga – Oslo by AirBaltic - € 65 and one way Oslo – Bergen by Norwegian - € 37). It took me less than 5 hours to get from my bed early morning in Riga to the hotel check-in in Bergen. Not bad for distance of 1500 km. And I had two great days in Bergen and one day of in Oslo sightseeing during this long weekend getaway.
If to book in advance, there are good fares for flights with EasyJet and Ryanair. But check out AirBerlin to/from Germany or Norwegian to/from Scandinavian countries as well. And look for the destinations were airport is located near the city or have quick connection to it. I like Berlin’s Tegel (TXL), Brussels (BRU), Riga (RIX) and Tallinn (TLL) for it.

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