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Bored of sunny beaches and city sightseeing? Try something different. Adventure travel trips will broaden your perspective, push your limits, and reignite your sense of possibility.
How about viewing giraffes and antelope (Kenya Lodge safari) or tracking mountain gorillas in Africa? Or maybe rafting and hiking in Balkans sounds fine? Actually you can do whatever during your vacation – fishing, hunting, rock climbing, skiing, play golf or study the language. The main difference is that you will have active vacation.

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Doesn’t matter, you intend to travel for a week or for 2 months, experience wildlife viewing and cultural interactions in Africa will be impressive. Try Africa Overland Tours or climb Kilimanjaro to find out some of the greatest secrets that will make you to return again and again.

Europe has always been a destination for people seeking for history and culture. But outside the great cities there is another kind of experience. Europe adventure tours can show you some great landscapes of Alps, coastline of Mediterranean or spectacular regions of Ireland. What comes to European travel adventure tours, offered by GAP Adventures, there is an offer for almost any destination. By visiting several different countries, like in Marrakech to Paris Adventure for 17 days or Prague to Venice Adventure (10 days), travelers can get see cultural diversity of Europe and get inspiring experience for some more European trips. Maybe one day you will visit Barcelona as part of Spain by bike (or walking) tour.

Central America has something different to offer. Take an Amazon Riverboat adventure, explore history of Machu Picchu or participate in cooking class, these trips has it all. If you are interested in some of these experiences or would like to find out more about ancient cultures and civilizations, check out Peru Tours & Travels. Discover Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, Amazon, Colca Canyon, Nazca Lines and More.

Need some more ideas for active vacation? Have you tried combine golf and cruises? – Visit CruiseDirect for more information about 7 day cruises, going into the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Mexico.

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What comes 18 to 30-something travelers, GAP Adventures has made a special offers for young and active people. YOLO adventures are exiting, affordable and fun. Packed with great value, YOLO adventure trips lets travelers discover not just a culture or history of certain destination but gives a freedom to explore local nightlife as well. YOLO tours are affordable trips for travelers looking for some more adventures, with flexibility in time and budget.
Whether this is first trip abroad or just another country, make new friends, learn something new, have fun. Doesn’t matter, you decide to make Paris, Marrakech or some of Eastern European cities as travel destinations, there are many adventures left.
See the world from new perspective!

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