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>>   When booking the international flight consider additional time for passport control. Though travel agencies say 2 hours are fine and in booking systems they offer even 90 min for transfer, that’s kind of risky. If several international flights arrive same time there are pretty long lines even to get to the passport control. Sometimes 2 hours are fine but sometimes you hardly manage in 3. When planning your travel in the US in order to get better price for your destination, pick some smaller Airport nearby. For example, for Miami good option is Fort Lauderdale. Traveling time to Miami downtown is almost the same as from Miami International Airport and it is easy to get to the Trirail and Metrorail.

>>   If to compare with Europe, American public transport system is not so good organized for people without cars. So often it might be a problem to go somewhere. In big cities it’s more or less fine but in suburbs having no car might be a problem. It might happen that you’d like to go to the big shopping Mall which you can see across the highway, but the only way to the other side of highway is 5 miles away. So all you can do is to take taxi. Well – Americans like cars and the easiest way to get around is to rent a car.

>>   While traveling in USA, I’ve been taking several local flights. Until now experience with SouthWest Airlines was the best. Though its low cost airline, service was great. SouthWest is serving 69 destinations all over USA. Some destinations are served to main airports, some to smaller ones in area. Lately used flight from Long Island, Islip to Orlando – saved time for traveling to JFK.

>>   If staying in one place for a few days, use city sightseeing pass. What I like about city sightseeing passes, is that many attractions, museums, often some cruises or sightseeing tours with hop on hop off are included. Mainly comes with travel guide book – no need to get one before. Good deal if visiting city for more than 3 days. Save big on New York Pass and Double-Decker Bus Tour combo!

>>   Orlando is nearly a synonymous with Walt Disney World. And there are SeaWord, Universal Studios and many theme parks as well. Actually they are within half an hour or less of each other. If to stay in area of International Drive, you can get around by I-Ride trolley or public bus. Most hotels offer shuttle buses to main attractions in Orlando.

>>   Some packing tip for travelers to US – leave some space for shopping items. Prices for clothing and electronics are much cheaper then in Europe. When shopping, there will be sales tax (varies from state to state) added to the price shown. In NY there is no sales tax for clothing below $100.

>>   If you intent to be in USA and travel around a bit, combine flight for longer distances and take train / bus for shorter ones. Though it is easy to rent a car. That way you can choose to go to the places you want and you are not restricted by destinations of public transport.

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