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>>   Well the first thing that comes on mind – consider higher expenses then everywhere in Europe. In Norway overage hotel cost per night will be around 70 Euros (when in Berlin you can get one for 30 – 50 Euros). Same for bars and restaurants – prices are up.

>>   Public transport is well organized in the city and outside as well. People are using bicycles a lot. On the streets there are marked special lines for cycling. Usually in the Old Town (almost every city has one) there is a lot to see. So you can take a walk to see architecture, a lot of museums, change of guards at the King’s residence.

>>   One of the options for traveling to Scandinavian countries is to use cruise ships. That way you can see best of Scandinavia and do sightseeing of Oslo, Copenhagen or Stockholm. For example, while traveling in Europe, 7-day northern Europe cruise that visits Copenhagen, Oslo, Kiel, Stavanger or Bergen could be a good option. Or find short cruise trip, where you travel during the night, visit city for sightseeing and come back same night.

>>   The best season for traveling to Scandinavian countries is summer time. Late autumn or early spring might be too rainy and cold in Norway. During the months of May and in September weather is still nice. It is colder in Norway but warmer in Denmark.

>>   If traveling in Norway, take a train from Oslo to Bergen (or vice versa). Travel time is around 7 hours but every minute is worth it. Whole trip is like small sightseeing tour of Norway. Price – varies, but if purchase online in advance might get minipris for 299 NOK ( € 37). Otherwise standard fare is from 775 NOK.

>>   You can visit Denmark from Germany. Arrive in Frankfurt or Berlin and take flight, bus or ferry to go to Copenhagen, Arhus or any other place in Denmark. Overage price will be less than $100 for round trip. Bus travel time from Berlin to Copenhagen takes a bit more than 7 hours.

>>   From Copenhagen (Denmark) to Malmo (Sweden) easiest and fastest way is to take train. You can make same connection by car as well. Oresung fixed link consists a 8 km long Oresund Bridge, an artificial island and a tunnel. Travel time – 35 minutes. Tickets for train cost 98 SEK. Train stops at Kastrup Airport (Copenhagen) as well.

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