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Traveling in Russia

>>   When travelling to/in Russia always keep your passport with you – it is common that police can check your ID documents anywhere. When arriving in destination place you need to register. Usually in big Hotels it is done in same time with check-in but in small or private hotels you have to do it by yourself. Registration has to be done during first 3 working days at the destination.

In Moscow if you arrive by plane in Sheremetyevo Airport, the best and fast connection to city center is by train. There is new train connection to train station. Travel time is 30 min and the price is around 10$. Train is nice, clean and comfortable. To compare – by bus it could take around 2 hours to the nearest metro station. In the city, the best way to move around is metro. In central part of city its deep underground and some metro stations by itself is like piece of art.

>>   What comes to art than Russian museums are gorgeous? Though usually there is special price for foreigners if to compare with locals. So don’t be surprised to see 2 or 3 prices for entry tickets where locals pay let’s say 200 Rubles but foreigner 500. Seams not fare but nothing to do. The only chance is if you speak good Russian without an Accent...

>>   In Russia it is not easy to catch a Taxi. Official Taxi. It is very common to catch a private car and ask to give a lift to point of destination for certain price. I woundt suggest this way to foreigners because you will have to pay a lot more that real price for that distance. In Hotels there might be an Agreement with some state Taxi Companies. So better ask in Reception.

>>   Generally, people are kind and open hearted, though mentality is different. On the Streets you hardly fill see smiling people. It looks like everybody is very busy and worried about something. Mainly just young people know English. In big cities it’s fine, but if you travel outside Moscow or St.Petersburg it could be that it’s hard to communicate.

>>   Well one more thing, I’d like to mention is currency exchange. In big stores credit cards are accepted but in smaller one you need to pay cash. So get one before trip in your home country. You will need cash as soon as you walk out of the plane. Don’t trust people on the street who offer good exchange rates. Looks for official currency exchange offices or banks.

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