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Planning your trip

>> Already in early stages of your trip planning, pay attention to countries National holidays. They might be different from you local. Well sometimes it’s in your favor – travel during your national holidays and you might get longer vacation for yourself.

>> Whatever is the reason for your traveling, you can make separate bookings for flight and hotel though in some cases it is more advisable to book flight+ hotel deals. This way you will save some money because packages sometimes might cost about the same or even less than air-tickets alone.

>> Round trip booking for a flight is fine for long distances, though there is an option of different arrival / departure city. As long as you stay in one travel zone for airline, price will be same. For example while visiting Florida you might arrive in Miami but leave from Orlando. Or choose multi-city traveling and type in all the necessary flight segments. If during the trip you have different places to visit, for some travel segments you can get one-way flight ticket.

>> For domestic flights use online check in. If you have just carry-on luggage with online check-in and afterwards with no luggage to claim, you will save a lot of time.

>> Travel during holidays is great? Maybe... Just remember that in airports and in popular vacation places there will be a lot of people. Better think of places were holiday travelers will not to stay / go. Forget about ski resorts and beach. Besides consider extra time for Airport check in and Passport control if you travel international.

>> If possible, book you trip starting on Tuesday or Wednesday and it will get you a better price on air travel. Hotels often offer special weekend deals, starting from Friday. Well if your trip ends on Thursday or Friday, you will have time to adapt to the things back at home.

>> If travelling overseas, consider 2-3 days of adapting to local time zone. From Europe to Nord America in overage it’s 7-8 hours of flight. From my experience, if to take morning/day flight you will arrive late afternoon/early evening - it feels fine, because you can go to sleep soon after arrival. Well and for a week you will wake up earlier than usual. When going to some conferences now I do sign up for earlier sessions (like 7AM) then I normally would prefer to do at home. When going from Nord America to Europe the same suggestion would be good. But it’s kind of hard to implement because majority of Intercontinental flights depart late afternoon/evening. So you’ll arrive in any European destination in the morning and will have very long day ahead.

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