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>>   In Germany major Airport for Intercontinental flights is Frankfurt-am-Main which is widely used by Lufthansa. You can reach city there by train. Berlin’s Tegel Airport often has some good charter flights. From these both Airports you can get any needed connection to Europe & Scandinavian countries.

>>   If you are planning trip to Germany besides New Year, Easter and Christmas there are several Public Holidays in May – May 1 (Labour Day) and in year 2010 May 13 (Ascension), May 24 (Whit Monday).

>>   What comes to driving then speed limits in Germany are 50km/h (31m/h) in city areas and 100km/h (62m/h) on all roads outside built-up areas. Unless otherwise indicated, there is theoretically no maximum speed limit on Autobahns, but 130km/h (81m/h) is recommended.

>>   For local public transport - buses, trams and suburban train (S-Bahn), underground (U-Bahn) tickets for journey have to be purchased from ticket machines before boarding. Ticket inspections on public transports are frequent.

>>   While generally all the major credit / debit cards are accepted in Germany, practically many smaller shops are accepting just local cards for the particular shop. Better prepare some cash for groceries.

>>   On Sundays everything is closed except some bars, restaurants and shops at the train station. Some big shopping malls in Berlin have opening hours few Sundays from 11am – 5pm or so as a special event. Mainly all shops are open till 8pm. Often on Thursdays or Friday’s big stores are open till 9.30 or 10pm.

>>   Public phones are rare in Germany. If you find one you’ll notice they take just phone cards. To get phone card look for T-Punkt.

>>   Though the best time to travel to Germany might vary for different regions, good option is early spring and late fall. Germany offers something all year-round. In winter there are a lot of Christmas festivals. Season of Christmas markets starts already by the end of November.

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