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Planning your trip

Already in early stages of your trip planning, pay attention to countries National holidays. They might be different from you local. Well sometimes it’s in your favor – travel during your national holidays and you might get longer vacation for yourself.
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Packing advice

One of the biggest travel packing mistakes is overpacking. Some might take traveling light as a science or art. Actually it is not so hard.
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When booking the international flight consider additional time for passport control. Though travel agencies say 2 hours are fine and in booking systems they offer even 90 min for transfer, that’s kind of risky.
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In Germany major Airport for Intercontinental flights is Frankfurt-am-Main which is widely used by Lufthansa. You can reach city there by train.
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Well the first thing that comes on mind – consider higher expenses then everywhere in Europe.
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While it is stated that there are a lot of currency exchange places and most credit / debit cards are widely accepted in shops I would suggest have cash prepared.
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