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Use city sightseeing passes

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With all the history and cultural attractions, Europe biggest cities have plenty to offer. In order to get real sense of country, city sightseeing passes are great option to merge in.
Depending of how long you intend to stay and what activities you are looking for, consider city sightseeing cards like London Pass , Paris Pass or I amsterdam Card. If you are in city for a few days then 2 or 3 day card might be a good option. Cards like this include free / discounted public transportation, free admissions to major tourist attractions and museums. Useful thing is, that often it comes with a travel guide included. In some places there is an option of Canal cruises included as well.
If you want to go on city sightseeing, visit at least 2 or 3 museums / attractions every day, then this type of cards can save you some money. One more benefit for card owners - in some attractions they can skip the Queues to the attraction - so it saves time as well.
City sightseeing pass is good option to see more as you would do without it. With the main offer of museums and most popular attractions, people having sightseeing pass tend to visit as much as possible. Therefore it becomes more like cultural trip – with a lot of museums, exhibitions and sightseeing.
If the trip takes more than 3 days, then sightseeing pass is worth to buy. I’m a bit skeptical about 1-day passes. If to take time needed for visits, you can go to 1-2 museums and 1 – 2 attractions a day (unless they are close near by). National art museums or similar can take up to 3 hours if to visit more or less properly; Nature parks or Zoo at least 2 hours. Canal cruises usually are around an hour. My guess is that there will be no big savings.
Before purchase city sightseeing cards you have to be clear what are you interested to see. What additional attractions are you interested? Count entrance fees and necessary trips by public transport. If total amount of admission costs is covering price of sightseeing pass then this offer is for you.

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