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To pay less for trip - travel off-peak season

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Make your travel in spring or fall, when prices for flights and hotels are lower and crowds are smaller. Late fall or winter will cost less, but consider cold weather and darkness in evenings. Consider that many attractions, cafes, even museums might be close for winter. September - October and March - May are nice for travel. With already nice weather, many street cafés are already open, but there are less people for tourist attractions.
Like in many countries tourist season in Europe starts in June and ends in beginning of September. This is the time, when hotels are overbooked, prices are 20 - 40% up and beaches are crowded all over the Europe. In Italy August is a month of vacations – so all local beaches will be packed with Italians.
Avoid traveling during school holidays as well. For example, in June in Malta will be a lot of language students from all over the Europe.
Low-season travel might save some money but it is important to remember, that in certain times of year at destination weather might be unfavorable. Too cold, too rainy, too … besides, low season is used as a time for construction and renovation.

Beaches in Croatia - Choose your own beach.
What comes to traveling in/to Europe, whether pays important role. As mentioned above, for Europe, September – October and March – May are good choice for low seasons trip. But there is difference as well. I would say that Scandinavian cities are nice for traveling in summer but might be rainy and cold in late autumn or early spring, but for Spain or southern part of France same period of time will be quite nice. October – November is still nice in Berlin but in Riga you can expect first snow. But in Croatia overage temperatures in winter are just below freezing. This means that event during the winter months this area is right for visiting. Opposite example would be trip to Paris or London in February – accommodation could cost you less, but whether will force you stay more inside and spend more time in cafes.
Bear in mind that what is summer for you might be winter elsewhere and vice versa.

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