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There is a saying – one has not seen Europe without seeing London, Paris and Rome. Yes they are great cities, but why you want to visit them?
Most of us pick the spot and then begin looking for lower airfares, inexpensive hotels and affordable meals. But try it different way. Start with a question – what I would like to do during the trip or what I‘d like to see? Then think where you could do that. Often there are alternative destinations for every activity. Compare the hotel costs, services, transportation.
If to pick Europe as a travel destination, castles in Hungary are cheaper that those in France; antiquities in Greece will be more expensive than those in Turkey and Egypt; beaches in Spain or Croatia will cost you less than those in Italy or France. There are many great museums in Berlin, Amsterdam or Budapest to see. Another way to add more value to the trip is by visiting some additional place right next to traditional itinerary. Visit the Czech Republic while traveling in Germany / Austria; add some of the Baltic States to a Sweden/ Finland journey.

Croatia holiday
Instead of France, visit Croatia. Cities like Zagreb, Dubrovnik or Split are places rich with history and culture. Explore countries and cities you haven’t been before. Rom, London or Paris are the big names. But historical sites, cultural events you can find all over Europe.
During winter time some popular ski resorts are crowded, but summertime would be perfect for hiking in quiet mountain villages.
Before booking your trip, check guide books, local websites for regional holidays, festivals or other events. For example, Italy and Spain will be crowded with tourists from central European countries during Easter. Once Easter is over, Barcelona or Tuscany are good picks – landscape is in lush and green, trees and flowers are in blossoms and mild weather.
During school holidays there will be a lot of families with children and students everywhere where some sun & beaches can be found. But when school starts, autumn and later on spring are mush more pleasant season for traveling. Therefore Malta or Greek Islands in April – May will be good choice for staying away from crowds but with already some sunshine. The Alps in October will be nice option for travelers who enjoy mountains and hiking. Andalusia in southern Spain or Portugal’s southern province Algarve are good options in winter months.
Less crowded places, more local people and better service in hotel – these are privileges for traveling off-season.
So when would be the best time for visiting London or Paris? I don’t know. I haven’t been there. There are so many other places I‘d like to visit in Europe, that haven’t seriously thought of these cities as a travel destination.
I live in Europe but haven’t visited ‘big three’. Maybe I will some day. But at the moment I prefer Norwegian Fjords over the Champs Elysees.


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