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Spend a night in train or buss

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It could be that price for a flight and a train is approximately the same, but you can save on hotel costs. So you have daytime for sightseeing but travel during the nighttime. Usually you arrive early in the morning in new destination and will have time for wake up coffee before heading to museums. But not everyone can sleep well in trains because of periodical stops, noises or twitch. To be able enjoy your trip, plan some hotel stays in between.
My experience: night buss to Berlin, daytime sightseeing, night train to Frankfurt - night in hotel - night train back to Berlin - shopping and evening flight back to home. So it was 4 days of activities, 3 nights in train/buss and fast flight. It was nice trip, with a lot of impressions, but at certain point it felt like crazy and afterwards I was simply tired. I don’t regret it and would do similar trip again but night in hotel was one of the nicest memory.
If you live in Europe, plan a travel like this at the beginning of trip while you are well rested and can manage few nights with no problem. If you come overseas, put overnight traveling somewhere in the middle or to the final part of trip, when adaptation to mixed time zones is over.
If you are using a rail pass, it can reduce expenses on hotels as well. Take a look for accommodation outside city center. Lodging in suburbs will be more economical ‘near by train station’.
It’s true, that using a train in Europe can be more economical way to see more. Especially, if you are visiting some country first time. But there are destinations for which car rental is the best solution. For example: for family of four people you can save on one day journey by renting a car with drop of in other destination.

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