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Read review from other travelers

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People are different. Some learn from their own experience (bad or good), but some learn it from the experience of others. Therefore, before to book a hotel, read reviews from people that already have been there. For example. Visiting London? Find Deals, Compare Rates, and Read Hotel Reviews on TripAdvisor. Other great resource is Holidays Uncovered. Read reviews of hotels before making reservations at Booking.com.
Of course, opinions are different. But that gives an idea of real situation. And it helps to avoid disappointment and choose the one that suite the best. For example - hotel says there is free hi-fi internet access - nice, but in review you see, that doesn’t work really well in rooms. If internet is important, look for some other hotel. Same is for location. Hotel says not far from city center, but in review people say, that it takes time to get to the hotel by public transport or area is not nice.
Of course if the price matters, people will choose some inconveniences. But before booking, count all additional expenses: transportation to/from hotel (and time for it), parking (if needed), breakfast, and internet. You might end up for booking some more expensive hotel in location convenient to you but still saving some money.
The best of reading travelers reviews is that you can get some idea or advice of how to plan you activities at the destination. Been there, seen that, done this and that. And usually after your own travel you have some ideas what you would do, if to travel to same destination ones more. Or which one of attractions is worth to visit and which place is overrated.

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