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Location and transportation

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Prices are important but good locations can save you more. When planning the trip, check transportation options to /from airport, hotel location. Consider the costs of daily transportation while in city. Depending the activities you prefer, good location of hotel can save you transportation costs. Or hotel with courtesy breakfast and free WiFi in suburbs can win over central location. Though in Europe mostly everywhere is good local public transport (frequent service, long hours) and getting somewhere in city is not a problem.
In many cities you can find public transport passes for 24, 48 or 72 hours - they are good if you need to travel a lot in the city. But if you need just 2 single trips daily then just pay for single ride or get a ticket for 10 rides. Or combine - plan distant and frequent travels in 24hours period and then few days use single ride tickets. Kind of complicate? Just make an activity plan for each day.
For example: you don’t need a weekly transportation pass if there will be 2 days of shopping in central part of city and 2 days of beach (need train ticket for that).
My advice for using 24-hour transportation pass is to activate it in a way that you can use it in the next morning as well. If you have a plan of activities to do, look at the map – which ones you definitely need a transport and what are the places with easy access form hotel. Count how many one-way trips you will have in a day. My experience is, if to fit in those 24-hours all the frequent usage of public transport, then next days it is possible to manage without transportation at all.
And one more thing – don’t use taxi us you are doing it at home. Over there you know the route, area and expected price for the ride. In the area not familiar to you, taxi drivers tend to take some extra corner to make ride longer. In my city I’ve seen tourist to take a taxi for a place that is few blocks away. Or at least, ask at the hotels reception, what would be most convenient way to get to the point of interest. If you plan going out late night, check out in advance what are the options to get back. In some places public transport might be on route after midnight as well.

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