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Check out things to do for free or minimal costs

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Traveling on budget is everywhere the same – you look for ways to spend less. When traveling in Europe, there are some countries that are more expensive than others. Norway, Switzerland and Denmark have always been on top of the list. UK is not far behind. But as travel destinations, they are still tempting. Here are some ideas how to reduce expenses while traveling.
Though Scandinavian countries are pretty expensive, many museums have free admission or there are of free entrance in certain days. Same for London - British museum or National Gallery won’t cost you a penny. In every city there are many valuable experiences for free or minimal costs. For example, in Milan Doumo and most churches are free; in Berlin use public busses #100 or #200 for small sightseeing tour; visit Riga during song festival. In many European countries there are still a monarchy - watch for Changing of the Guard in London, Amsterdam, Stockholm or Oslo.
If to type in any search engine “things to do free …” you will find many articles for any travel destination. Read reviews – some of those suggestions are really nice. It could be an advice from locals or experience from people who have been there. Besides there will be list of things with places to visit with free or low cost admission.
Read reviews of what local people say about best places to visit in town. Often it will be place with nice skyline views, public parks, local recreation areas. Ask in travel forums for good place to have a dinner or go out. Information will be different from what it says in guidebooks.
When planning your activities during vacations, check out local news and events. Sometimes you can find local events for free, especially during summertime – national festivals, concerts in parks, city fests, parades and street fairs. In Europe many cities are celebrating ‘city anniversaries’ – like Festival of Light or Song Festivals in Riga, Latvia; City Old Fest in Germany; London Bridge Festival in UK or Pink Night in Rimini, Italy. Participating in activities like that gives much more feeling of location then just visiting some museums.
P.S. check out Milan's version of 'happy hour' - in many bars customers can get free food in after-work hours, for a price of drink. But be careful if it is a cocktail (they might cost much more than simple beer).

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