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I like to travel a lot. So I have been visiting many European countries; have been working Malta, in United States, in Russia and Ukraine. Mainly when I go to different countries it is not just tourism – usually that is some kind of business trip but I add few days or weeks of a vacation type holydays. In Europe short weekend travel is very popular. People like to spend a day or two in some other country – it is such a good break away from home and work. The good thing is that a lot of people speak English in many European countries. That makes traveling much easier.

A week of vacations spent in Majorca or New Years Eve in Tunisia – those are things I have done more like regular tourist, because whole event was booked in travel agency as a travel package. From that experience I can say, that from one hand it is good – every day is planned with different activities (and you see a lot), but from other - no time to spend on your own (let say just stay on the beach).

It is not really a travel guide though you can find here useful information for traveling. In this part of site I will put some descriptions of places or countries I’ve been. Different places, different Ideas. Many things from this website I have been using by myself – online hotel reservations, travel deals or travel packages (flight + hotel). I would say it’s more like travel information you can use. Sometimes that’s how good trips are started – you got some ideas from different places and then put it together for your own trip. Some places are so great that you can’t do everything at ones but you have ideas what you would like to do next time.

One thing is for sure – the more you have seen, the more you know. Even I have been traveling a lot as a kid, it was only when I went overseas to United States, I really got the feeling that I can go whenever I want. I guess the difference was that before someone else was taking care of all the planning and booking but in America I have to do all organizational things by myself. But guess what – I like it - I’m the one who decides which flight to take or where to stay. All my travel plans are up to me. That’s what I think about this website – it is up to you to decide which hotel is the best for you to stay or when to go to the Sea World (you definitely should)…

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