Moscow as a Travel Destination

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Basic information about Moscow click here.

5 reasons to visit Moscow:

  1. Explore Moscow’s Metro – underground rail system as a ‘palace of the people’.
  2. Experience Moscow upscale shopping and nightlife.
  3. Impressive sights of Novodevichy Convent and Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.
  4. Red Square – considered as heart of Moscow, square has lot of attractions around the area.
  5. The Kremlin – complex of four cathedrals, for palaces, an enclosing wall and towers.

Wondering why people want to visit to Moscow? Besides reasons mentioned above, Moscow as popular travel destination for people looking for some exotic destination. Moscow has grown into a glittering city and is commonly recognized as one of world’s metropolises in line with New York, Paris or Tokyo.
There is great wealth and spending in Moscow. But this city is like a big showroom of long and complex history of Russia itself.

To get closer to Russian soul it’s better to learn some Russian language before all the traveling begins. You can Learn Russian fast with Transparent Language software, before your trip starts and then improve language skills by communication with real people. First impression about Russian people is that they are distant, but after some communication this will change. Russian people are open hearted, communicative as long as you have common language.

There are many things to do and to see in Moscow. Depending on your interests, there are plenty to choose from art galleries and museums to orthodox churches and cathedrals in Moscow and nearby area. Moscow is political, economical and cultural center of Russia. This makes Moscow very active and dynamic destination.
Don’t expect trip to Russia be cheap – international visitors often will pay more for hotels or entrance tickets to attractions than locals. But don’t consider this to be a reason to pass by this great city - different culture and different religion for the most travelers give unforgettable travel experience.

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