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If you want to discover the best of city offers, sightseeing passes are something you should be interested. With so many unique attractions, world-famous museums, theaters there is always plenty to do in any big city. Another question is about transportation form place to place.

If you are looking forward some cultural experience, sightseeing is not easiest or cheapest experience. Therefore city passes like The London Pass , the leisure pass that lets you experience the best of London or The New York Pass are great solution. They include entry to most popular attractions and option for transportation as well. Museums, cruises, places of interest, zoos, aquariums, ‘Behind the Scenes’ Tours and so on…

Of course, these passes cover a lot of places you don’t intend to visit. But make a list of attractions you would like to visit. Add up the admission costs for each and then look at pass option for your destination. If you are in city just for a day or two, then it might be cheaper to buy individual ticket. What’s good for sightseeing pass is that people tend to visit more museums and attractions as they would without it. And time limit of card makes to do some planning in advance.

For my resent trip to NY I decided to explore the place like tourists would do. I found two offers that catch my attention – The New York Pass for attractions and CitySights NY for hop-on hop-off bus. I was looking for the ways to explore city attractions and visit places that New York is famous for in 2-3 days. The price for 2 days of sightseeing with New York Pass is $120. To make it easier to get from place to place I was wondering about Hop-on hop-off double decker sightseeing bus for 48h – All Around Town Tour (Downtown, Uptown & Harlem, Brooklyn) for $54. Both are good options. But then in website of New York Pass I found offer of 2-day Adult pass and 2-day CitySights Hop-on hop off package for $136 (there are discounts for online purchase).

It was not just good price for visiting NY attractions but great value of it. Because they are separate tickets, I could activate them in different times (first usage). As result I had 3 days of great New York City sightseeing. At first I did Downtown and Brooklyn tours to see Manhattan and area (and added some shopping there). On second day I did Uptown tour and activated New York Pass. And third day was for attractions in Midtown. I’ve been in NY before, but I can say that this time I had one of the best experiences.

If you are traveling to New York, check out these sightseeing options:
           The New York Pass
           CitySights NY

I’m sure same great value of city attractions and sightseeing you can find for other places as well.
           Paris Pass
            The London Pass , the leisure pass that lets you experience the best of London


P.S. In NY you can pick up The New York Pass at the Planet Hollywood in Time Square – no need for shipping.

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