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You have landed on site that is dedicated to travel and travelers. AmberTravelBox.com is the place where you can find products and services from reliable trends of tourism industry in one place. No need to do searches or surf on internet for hours. Amber Travel Box has done it for you.

Here you can see offers from already selected companies that provide good airfare, lodging or other services, necessary for travel, both domestic and international. Whatever you are looking for – plane tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals or some other travel accessories, there is an offer for it. By clicking the links of AmberTravelBox.com you are redirected to the original site of company providing service or product.

But let me introduce myself – my name is Zane T’reigute and AmberTravelBox.com is my ‘baby’. I do like visiting different places a lot so it has became kind of passion for me. When I was a kid l was involved in sports a lot. With all the camps and competitions, hotels were like second home for me. As a student I spent two summers in US. Later on because of job I have lived longer time periods in countries like Malta, Russia or Ukraine. While working for subsidiary of big Swedish company I had many business trips to Scandinavian and eastern European countries. Now I often go to international seminars and conferences. And again - flights, hotels are like home. Why am I telling all this? Just to let you know that big part of this website comes from my own experience. And I prefer to organize my trips by myself because then I know that I have made the best choices. Best ones for myself. And if something goes wrong I know whom to blame :)

Nowadays a lot of people have access to Internet. And many of them prefer to be in charge of choices they make. It is so convenient to do all the bookings from the comfort of your home or during lunch break at the office. Just open necessary website and you are done with few clicks. Making a hotel reservation or getting tickets to some event has become a simple online action. And what’s the best – many companies are interested in online bookings and are offering special prices in internet. Besides this is the best place where to look for ‘last minute’ deals…

If I have to set the vision for this website then I would say – Take a travel as an opportunity. With all the information, products and resources of Amber Travel Box, I’d like to inspire people for new experiences that bring positive changes to their lives. I’d like to encourage people to take opportunities that are coming from visiting new places, meeting new people.

The more you have seen, the more you know. But more knowledge is helping to make better choices in your live. Besides traveling is good option to break away from daily routines… Therefore pick the country or place you want to visit and click the pages to see the options…

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