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When getting ready for the trip shoes, socks and t-shorts are the ones everybody remembers to pack. But what are the other items that can help make our trip a little more relaxing and fun. This is my list for travel accessories that are already in category ‘must’:
Kindle – portable e-book reading device. Useful on long train rides or when waiting for flight to depart.
Digital Camera – not just a camera, but a good one. And small enough to take on any trip.
4-wheel Roller Travel Case – why to carry everything around if everything can follow you.
An interesting book – well, yes you have a Kindle, but at night in hotel it feels better with a book.
Battery charger – necessary thing on longer trips. Same as a travel plug Adapter for overseas travel.

Don’t have them yet? Check out these travel accessories on Amazon. People get used to good things fast. Ones you’ll have them, will wonder how you could live without them earlier on.

Holiday Wish List: Useful Travel Accessories for any destination


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